Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I attend any class I want? A: Yes

Q: Are there any start-up fees associated with this? A: No

Q: Do I have to sign a contract? A: NO 

Q: Am I limited on how many times I can attend per week? A: No (Once you complete our 6 foundations sessions, you may attend as many classes per week as you desire). 

Q: How much does this cost? A: We have the best value in town and probably the whole country.  For as little as $2.60 per day we program, coach and train you to reach all your goals.

Q: Am I a good enough athlete to do CrossFit? A: YES – CrossFit is scaleable to any level.

Q: Am I too old for CrossFit? A: No

Q: Am I too out of shape for CrossFit? A: No

Q: Will CrossFit make me bulky? A: No

Q: Are there beginner classes? A: Yes — we offer a two week foundations class, made up of 6 distinct sessions. Foundations is offered Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can start anytime and must complete all 6 sessions.

Q: Is CrossFit really as good as everyone says it is? A: Yes — come check it out for yourself for $30!!!